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Perspective Material for Photo energetics on the Basis of Silicon with Binary Elementary Cells

The main problem facing modern photo energetics is an increase in the efficiency of silicon photovoltaic cells, and it is this factor that determines prices and large-scale ground-based use of them in photo energetics. The main reason for this is not the participation in the photo generation of a significant part of the solar IR radiation in the region λ = 1.15 ÷ 3 μm, which is about 40% of the solar radiation, and also the ineffective use of photon energy from the energy hν> Eg, which provides to effect of thermolysis, i.e. to the deterioration parameters of the photovoltaic (PV) cells. 

However, the existing technology and functionality of semiconductor materials, including silicon which is now widely used in photo energetics, and do not allow finding a solution for previously problems. And the recent use of multicascade PV cells based on semiconductor compounds AIIIBV that cannot substantially solve the problem of large-scale use of such PV cells in terrestrial conditions due to rather complicated technological conditions of their manufacture and high cost of such structures.

Therefore, M.K. Bakhadyrkhanov, U.X. Sodikov with their team made a research about the perspective material for photo energetics, and the survey result was published on the journal of Materials Physics and Chemistry.

In this paper they proposed an original solution to this problem, consisting in a substantial expansion of the spectral region of silicon sensitivity, as a result of the formation of fundamentally new elementary cells participating atoms of groups III and V in the silicon lattice. It should be noted that such new elementary cells act as a new class of quantum structures with unique and yet unexplored functionalities with a managed compose, structure, concentration, and distribution in the silicon lattice.

It shows that silicon with binary elementary cells involving atoms of groups III and V is a new class of semiconductor material with unique functionality for modern optoelectronics and photo energetics.


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