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Holy Grail of Energy Storage Technology Receives Two Grants

RheEnergise is one of the few companies to receive funding from the Sustainable Innovation Fund and the Small Business Research Program.

RheEnergise is bringing innovation to pump energy storage and is developing a technology that solves many disadvantages of other competing energy storage and grid flexibility solutions. The awarded grants are supporting a feasibility study into a £1.6m demonstration project with full system functionality specifically designed for use with the RheEnergise high-technology fluid taking the extensive theoretical and practical learning to the next level.



Heat storage technology is one of the key technologies in the field of solar thermal power generation and cogeneration. It uses heat storage materials as the media to store solar thermal energy, industrial waste heat, low-grade waste heat and other kinds of thermal energy, and release them when they are needed, so as to solve the mismatch between energy supply and demand.

The paper published in the journal of Progress in Energy & Fuels introduces the classification and characteristics of heat storage technology, analyzes the research progress of heat storage technology in the fields of solar thermal power generation, heat storage materials and industrial drying, and forecasts the development trend of heat storage technology in the future.

 The results indicate that heat storage technology is beneficial to improve industrial production efficiency, broaden industrial energy conservation and emission reduction ideas, and has a great application prospect under the continuous improvement of practitioners with innovative spirit.

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