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Analysis on Energy-Saving and Green Technology and Optimization Measures in Civil Engineering Construction

When it comes to “going green” and “sustainability”, it almost sounds cliche because everyone is doing it. But the reality behind the “going green” bandwagon is that it’s actually a good thing (in this case).

The reason why so many people are joining the “green” revolution is that people are becoming more aware of the negative impact of the choices and lifestyle they make and live on the environment. Making a conscious effort to reduce your carbon footprint is not only smart but also socially responsible.   

So as more and more people are getting on board with going green, you can only imagine that companies and contractors alike are finding ways that they can implement greener practices as well.

Established businesses will implement green policies and practices like going paperless, switching to alternative energy, and hiring remote workers. For new businesses that require a building, they hire contractors to build them a green building.



Energy-saving and green technology plays an important role in the development of civil engineering in the new era. The concept of energy saving and environmental protection can not only ensure the coordination between civil engineering construction and urban living environment, but also reduce construction cost and avoid energy over-consumption.

The article published in the journal of Insight - Civil Engineering analyzed the common problems in the construction of civil engineering, and discussed the application of energy-saving and green technology in civil engineering. Corresponding measures are also put forward to promote the energy-saving and green technology, as well as the sustainable development of the construction industry.

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