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'Classified knots': Researchers create optical framed knots to encode information

In a world first, researchers from the University of Ottawa in collaboration with Israeli scientists have been able to create optical framed knots in the laboratory that could potentially be applied in modern technologies. Their work opens the door to new methods of distributing secret cryptographic keys which are used to encrypt and decrypt data, ensure secure communication and protect private information.



With the continuous innovation of science and technology, data and information security technology is widely used in various industries. The application of this technology can obviously enhance the security of network communication.

The computer network system under the network environment is not only easily affected by internal systems and hardware, but also by external environment, such as human factors, hacker attacks, virus intrusion and other factors, which makes it difficult to ensure its communication security. Moreover, the opening of the network environment and the complexity of network information give rise to more network security problems which are not conducive to the establishment and maintenance of computer network communication security environment.

Mengqi Li made a research on the data and information security technology in network communication, and this study introduced the concept of computer network communication security, analyzed the causes of security problems, and put forward further preventive methods to ensure the security of computer network communication under the network background.

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