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Discussion on Remote Sensing Big Data to Promote the Development of Smart City

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UC San Diego) are deploying remote sensing technology called InSAR to gain insights into sustainable groundwater in the San Joaquin Valley. The satellite-based InSAR (for “interferometric synthetic aperture radar”) creates high-resolution maps of land surface motion in space and time, including subsidence measurements (measurement of sinking). InSAR and the fine-scale resolution images it delivers are useful in evaluating subsidence patterns and habits according to crop type.

Subsidence can occur when large quantities of groundwater are removed from underground stores. It influences the ability to monitor and manage groundwater in agricultural regions, like the San Joaquin Valley, which is a challenge due to a lack of reliable methods for data acquisition.

InSAR interpretations vary across locations, a response to displacement, which, in this context, is defined as a response to a change in the location of groundwater storage. Geology, soil, and vegetation, independently and in combination, affect where groundwater is stored and in what amounts groundwater is stored.

Though the researchers must combine InSAR with other sources of geophysical data to achieve location-specific information, it is advantageous to gauging climate with satellite measurements that have the same interpretation in any location.



With the development and application of Internet technology, cloud computing, big data technology, Internet of Things technology and other new generation information technology, smart city has gradually become the focus of global urban development. Remote sensing technology big data is the combination of remote sensing technology and big data technology. Remote sensing technology has the characteristics of long-distance, non-contact detection and wide coverage. And the data information collected by remote sensing equipment is analyzed by big data technology to improve the application value of remote sensing technology.

The paper published in the journal of Remote Sensing first described the characteristics of remote sensing big data and the connotation of smart city, and that the remote sensing big data technology can promote the intelligent supervision of urban pollution, urban planning, urban traffic intelligent response, and achieve more reasonable and humanized construction, then it can help realize the development of urban intelligent traffic.

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