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How the pandemic is changing views on financial risk

The great pandemic of 2020 has administered a series of brutal, real-time tests of how we understand and manage risk. How do you understand or manage something that has never happened before ? In finance, the pandemic has demonstrated the value of, and the need for, human judgment in an increasingly algorithm-driven sector.

In fact, the pandemic shock could and should lead to important changes in how we handle risk in finance.


The pandemic of 2020 has been a big enough and deep enough shock to the global financial system that it could well herald a “third wave” of change in the way we think about risk. So far, the impact of the pandemic has surpassed the global financial crisis. The events of 2020 have also shown that current risk management tools failed to confirm the possible true scope. Although we have past experience, expensive technology and risk models, no one can think of this.


As the social economy develops, financial risk is a challenge that all enterprises must face. Enterprises need to modify and improve their own development goals and financial management contents if they want to have a stable and order development.

Corporate financial engineering refers to the use of advanced mathematical and communication techniques to solve financial problems for the maximization of company’s own interests. The techniques are used for innovative designs regarding financial tools and means, and also for devising and implementing financial products. As for corporate financial management, it is the basic guarantee for operating a company. For the company and its internal and external activities, financial management support is inseparable. Financial management is an important link to balance the benefits and costs generated in the process of corporate operation.

The effects of the application of financial engineering in financial management were published in the journal of Financial Forum. If you are intereated, please visit: