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The diagnostic accuracy of the mobile phone teledermatoscopy

Dermatoscopy ensures better visual image of deeper structures of the skin. Nowadays, it is commonly used and widely accepted screening device in dermatology. To overcome the problem of maldistribution of dermatologist, teleconsultation technologies (teledermatology with

or without teledermatoscopy) are being used. Teledermatoscopy improves the diagnostic accuracy for pigmented or non-pigmented skin lesions. Digital dermatoscopy systems, attached high-end digital cameras and computer are expensive. These complex and expensive techniques may not importantly upgrade management plans and diagnosing. They are also not yet easily approachable. Currently, standard pocket dermatoscopy tools and mobile camera phones are widely distributed, easily available, cheap, reachable, and



Hamza Yildiz, Memet Ersan Bilgili and Hasan Aktug Simsek conducted a study on the diagnostic accuracy of the mobile phone teledermatoscopy and the experimental result published on the journal of surgical dermatology.


The main purpose of the present study was to investigate the sensitivity and positive predictive values (PPVs) of smart mobile phone teledermatoscopy. In this study, the author assessed the sensitivity and positive predictive values (PPVs) of mobile teledermatoscopy (using a mobile camera phone and standard pocket dermatoscopy device).


In all, The accuracy of the teledermatoscopic consultation with a mobile phone is very high. We therefore think that it can be a cost effective and useful method in the consultation at distance.


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