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Renewable energy transition makes dollars and sense

Making the transition to a renewable energy future will have environmental and long-term economic benefits and is possible in terms of energy return on energy invested (EROI), UNSW Sydney researchers have found.


Their research, published in the International Journal Ecological Economics recently, disproves the claim that a transition to large-scale renewable energy technologies and systems will damage the macro-economy by taking up too large a chunk of global energy generation.



Bahtiyar Dursun conducted an assessment of the effect of renewable energy resources on regional development at the Thrace Region in Turkey. In this study, energy concept, which is one of the most important inputs of regional development, was discussed. Current usage potential of the Thrace Regions current energy sources weire presented and the effects of renewable energy sources on regional development were studied when they used.


The research showed that when a region had a renewable energy potential, establishing and running renewable energy source-based power plants would have positive effects on regional development.


Free full-text article is available at the journal Progress in Energy & Fuels: