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Why is social media having so much influence on this year's elections?

Social media sites like TikTok may be geared for people too young to vote, but theyre still having an influence on this years elections.

While Facebook plans to let users opt-out of political ads, you might run across a candidate streaming live video. Twitter is filled with political discussions.

These are unusual times and the COVID-19 pandemic is a big part of that.

People are spending more time on their phones, says social media expert Michael Bossetta. Politicians are not going out as much, so these platforms enable campaigns to reach voters where theyre spending time.

Bossetta is a Political and Data Scientist at Lund University. He studies social medias influence on politics.

All of the platforms allow politicians to connect directly to voters, says Bossetta. They dont have to go through the media like they used to.

Potential voters use social media for political conversation. Bossetta calls it non-electoral participation.

They dont directly decide who is President through voting, but they do influence the conversation, says Bossetta. Social media plays a key role in organizing and spreading information.



With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the mobile news apps have become the most important way for the public to obtain news. As a new media carrier and communication platform,the mobile news apps can promote the rapid dissemination of information and the rapid spread of influence.

Some media have a major influence on the direction of other media reports and the behavioral decisions of the public.These media can be regarded as media leaders. Media leaders are very important in the dissemination of news. By identifying media leaders, companies or governments can promote sales or guide public opinion separately.

Sijia Wang and Miao Zhang conducted a research of media leaders mining and the study result was published at the journal of Insight - News Media.

This article believes that media leaders mainly achieve their own influence by publishing news, so this article uses the news published by the mobile news apps as an entry point.

This paper firstly solves the problem of data crawling in mobile news apps, and proposes a data crawling method based on reverse analysis, and obtains the data source. Then, reconstruct the reprinting path of the news, and carry out accurate traceability. Finally, cluster the news based on LDA, and propose an algorithm for mining media leaders from three aspects: influence, activity and preference.

Experimental studies of data sets have shown that their algorithms can effectively identify media leaders.

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