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Advanced Control Techniques for Enhance the Power System Stability at OOS Condition

Accountability, Synergy Among Stakeholders key for Power Stability- Minister The Minister of Power Engr. Sale Mamman has said the Nigerian power sector is being repositioned towards a holistic realignment for an effective delivery of electricity, saying that synergy and accountability are critical to sustaining the sector.

The Minister stated this during a virtual meeting with the African Development Bank (AfDB) on Thursday, set up to discuss the latest developments in the Nigerian Power Sector and to review ongoing engagements and explore future supports from the Bank to the various governments policy initiatives targeted at achieving sector sustainability.



In addition to policy management support, the stable supply of electricity also includes the factor of technical guarantees.

Amer Nasr A. Elghaffar, Ali M. Eltamaly, Yehia Sayed and Abu-Hashema M. Elsayed made a study of advanced control techniques to enhance the power system stability. To avoid the false operation for distance function by Out of Step Blocking (OSB) and to improve stability of power system, this paper studied the Out-of-step (OOS) condition and philosophy of protection relay device.

It is found that OOS condition in the power systems can to lead to false operation for the three-phase distance relay. This condition rising from the imbalance between mechanical torque for the generator and the electrical loads led to false trip for the Over Head Transmission Line (OHTL) elements. 

Read the full paper at the journal of Insight-Energy Science: